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About our family and our kennel

We are happy to introduce you to our family members and tell you about the history of our kennel, our love of dogs, our successes and our plans for cooperation.

Julia Tarkhanova

Hi, my name is Julia. Dmitry and I are husband and wife, we have two beautiful children and many, many dogs. For more than 10 years we are breeding Japanese dog breeds in Saratov. We have a family kennel. It is more of a crazy hobby for us than a business.

I am personally involved in kennel breeding, exhibitions, customers, organizing trips and meetings with kennels and breeders.


Dmitry Tarkhanov

Hi, my name is Dimitri. I am very proud of our dogs and am delighted that my wife and I are involved with these unique breeds, giving people from all over the world the opportunity to enjoy the company of these beautiful animals. At the kennel, I am responsible for the administrative part - making sure the dogs are warm, fed, clean, healthy, walked and socially adapted. 


We are Seva and Sonja. We help our parents and participate in the life of the kennel whenever we can help in our own way. The dogs are part of our childhood, part of our family, part of us. 


Official kennel information

We work officially. In 2013, Fudzisan kennel was registered with FCI.  In 2016, the kennel is registered with NIPPO Japan and our puppies can have two FCI and NIPPO Japan pedigrees.  

When working with clients, we make sure that we sign a contract for the purchase of the dog. It is important to us that the legal aspects are respected.

Свидетельство о регистрации питомника

The name of our kennel is "FUDZISAN"

An early folk etymology said that the word Fuji meant " without equal", "incomparable".  The Japanese regarded it as a mountain of Taoist immortals; the rising smoke was supposedly from the elixir of immortality lit in the lava pit.


The name of the mountain was suggested by the Japanese as an elixir of immortality.

There are other versions of the origin of the name, but for us it is a symbol of Japanese culture and identity, a symbol of immortality, permanence and aboriginal origin.


All that we aspire with Japanese dog breeds, preserving their pristine beauty and natural qualities. 




History of the kennel



2015-08-13 21.07_edited.jpg
2015-08-12 21.44.07 1050158310876706384_346138772.jpg

In 2022, we got our 100th litter. 

Our dogs now live in almost every country in Europe, the USA, Canada, Africa and the Middle East and Asia. 

We keep in touch with our customers and follow the events in the lives of our "graduates". 

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