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We want to answer the most popular and frequent questions that our owners have. Here you will find complete information about the dog buying procedure, our conditions and service. 


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You can choose a puppy from those already born. To do this, go here and look who is now free and looking for a family. And also you can reserve a puppy in future litters, from a specific pair. 


Agreement and documents

We enter into a contract with our customers to purchase a dog. The puppy has a chip brand, a veterinary passport and an FCI/RKF pedigree. Some dogs will also have NIPPO documents. We make sure that you have all the documents to prepare your puppy for shipment to another country, and take care that you have everything you need to register your puppy in another country. 


Veterinary control

We regularly test our dogs for genetic diseases. All dogs are regularly treated for parasites and receive regular vaccinations. A new owner can only gain access to a puppy once the puppy has been fully vaccinated and quarantined. 

We carefully observe the sanitary rules for keeping the dogs in order to avoid viral and other infections in the kennel. 

Доктор с файлами


You can collect the puppy from the kennel yourself at a set time. We can also arrange delivery by plane or road to any country. We transport the animals legally, paying the necessary fees. This service is an additional charge, and the cost depends on the method of transportation and destination. You can even send your puppy with an escort by plane. We use the services of logistics (Russian and European) who have a license for transporting pets. Our partners are already proven by our experience, we have confidence in them, so we do not worry about our dogs in transit. They are fed and watered there, walked with, warm and safe. 

Белый Ван

Keeping in a kennel

Our adult dogs are kept in insulated aviaries and mothers with puppies in the house. There is a walking area, separate for the little ones, as we have our own house and enough space for all our "mums, dads and babies". 

The dogs are fed on super-premium food, depending on their individual needs. Adult dogs are also found in the house with members of our family for boarding. We believe that being in the family is a must for them. 


Help with the choice

Of course, we can help with the choice. Choose according to temperament, to different financial means, to different tasks. We work with both private clients and kennels. We can show you the puppy by video link, if necessary, when you are making your decision remotely. We will try to take your situation into account and will always advise the best option. 



For new owners, we will always provide information, explain the special features of the breed and help as problems arise, answering questions 24/7. We care about the care of our dog. We care about its welfare and acceptable upkeep. 

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